Aya McMillan The Style Guide


Afiya Francisco of The Style House is an editor whom I’ve had the good fortune to know for several years now. She’s smart and stylish but more importantly, she’s one of those people that radiates love and light and a real authentic warmth. She’s also drop dead gorgeous. So I was stoked to hear she was launching an online magazine and wanted to include yours truly in it. The whole issue is themed on minimalism so I went for looks that whispered (think Theory and Club Monaco) whilst maintaining my love of shine and glitter in the form of accessories and bijoux.


I kinda loved this portrait shot that photographer Anna Lisa Sang snapped of me, which is saying something since I generally loathe having my photo. As for the other pics, a note to self though:  wearing suede culottes one size too big will actually make me look like a blimp. Alas… you can check out the full guide here.