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    …we’re people. We buy with our heads, but most of the time we buy with our hearts. We need more beauty. We need more emotion. We need more collaborations. … And lastly, we need maybe to love each other a little more.” –Alber Elbaz via The Cut


    “I don’t feel like Olivia until I put the shoes on. Shoes define how you walk in the world and how you stand, like: what is your posture in life?” –Scandal’s Kerry Washington to the Edit


    “At their best, they show us not just who we think we should be, but rather who we didn’t know we could be.”-Vanessa Friedman, New York Times


    “Whenever there’s change in protest, there’s usually a youth movement tied to it… And whenever there’s that civil rights movement, there is fashion signifying that ‘I am in solidarity to this change.’ We change our look because we want to change the perception of who we are. In the Black Panther movement, the black turtleneck became a significant style of dress. Selma was the overalls with the white shirt and the black tie. So, there’s always a mode that goes along with civil unrest. Today, it was sagging. We sag our pants. It’s always something that’s in defiance of what the conservatives would think would be appropriate. That has been very powerful throughout the ages at achieving a sense of new era and new thought.” –Ruth Carter, costume designer of the Oscar nominated film Selma to Refinery 29


    “My word of the moment is “edit.” I am constantly editing my world because I want less of everything and only the best. We should all edit more in life because it’s very healthy and freeing. Edit the clothes in your closet, edit your social schedule, edit the people you surround yourself with. Edit everything! It will lead to new energy and a much more fulfilled life.” –Carine Roitfeld via Rosewood issues