As an accomplished editor and writer in both print and new media, I can create expert content on topics such as fashion, beauty, bridal, shelter, entertainment and pop culture for both editorial and promotional purposes.

• Quality writing, superior editing

• Custom publishing, from conception to execution

• Editorial packaging and production

• Daily publishing workflows

• Print and digital magazine project management

Creative Consultation

With a sophisticated taste, informed references and exacting vision honed over a decade of working with some of the world’s most creative visionaries and influential tastemakers, I can help you develop your brand identity and establish an image that works.


• Trend forecasting, storyboarding and analysis

• Work with PR, advertising agencies and event planners

• Artistic and design direction

• Connect with the right artists and producers

• Campaign strategy and development

Digital Media Management

With a 360° outlook and proven track record of audience development, building strong multi platform brands and managing a diverse range of content management systems, I can help you leverage and drive the success of your online properties.


• Social media development

• Content strategy and video production

• Online community management

• SEO and Web analytics

• Integrated marketing and sponsorship opportunities